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Welcome to e2 game studio where dreams and ideas turn into games!

We Develop Games & Create Experiences

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What do we do?

We develop our own games and provide great gameplay experience for everyone!

With unique characters and story-rich scenarios, we will be announcing our games soon.


Ani Leaving Sirius is out on November.
Visit Steam Page for more information

(Our next project Fall Hereos for steam) 3D Multiplayer Party Game/ 3D MultiPlayer Arena / 3D Single Player action adventure (3 in 1) game will be launched on steam in late 2022

(Our next project for mobile is Race Master) 3D Multiplayer Race game and 3D Single Player Race game will be launched on store in 2022

Jump Master Game(I made myself a game development challenge alongside and created a Hyper Casual Game from scratch in just one week. Team leader Hakan Arslan) & (Hyper Casual Games & Education Apps) Google Play Google Play Link


e2fair.com 3D Virtual Fair, Congress & Event
Visit Web Page for more information


Developer & Designer

Hakan Arslan

J. Developer & Designer

Ece Guner


Halime Arslan



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Ani Leaving Sirius 2D Action-Adventure Platformer is out on November 2021! Visit Steam Page

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